Synthetic Biology and Material Science Technologies Bridging into the Next Generation

I have decided to take a brief moratorium from the Obama Care saga and  direct my attention to some interesting avant-garde technologies that are looming on the horizon. In an exercise of opening our minds to new possibilities, an article entitled, Forget Devices; the Future of Technology is Seeded in Biology (Rigg, 2013) became the focus of a recent class discussion. Back in the late 1980’s when microchip tagging of livestock and pets began, European nightclubs also joined the bandwagon by “tagging” their clients with embedded microchips, thereby attracting elite jetsetters into their establishments. Hence, this was the beginning of “human tagging”, a convenience that allows users to enter a facility or pay their tab with a swipe of a “microchipped” body part and continue their business without much inconvenience. As such, this technological development of embedding or seeding users has evolved to a new level where a person can a) telepathically communicate with others, b) “exchange memories instead of telling a story” (Rigg, 2013), and c) use of one’s body to be “plugged into a global network,” thus allowing users to operate interfaces subconsciously and eventually allowing individuals to interact on a new plane far beyond the well known “Vulcan Mind Meld.” Smartphones, computers, and other gadgets (including Google Glass) will become obsolete through this new technology. Interestingly, this technology may enhance or even change how human beings engage with one another. The possibilities are endless. In fact, the Mayo Clinic posted a recent article on their “Mayo Clinic Center for Innovation” Facebook page entitled “The Disruptive Potential of Electronics” (McDowell, 2013), which showcases how seeded microchips are used and revolutionizing the healthcare industry.


High performance electronics that move with bodies and natural world developed by MC10 which “range from stick-on devices that monitor hydration to wearables and body implants” (McDowell, 2013)

However, my October 12, 2013 blog, Avant-Garde Mind Control—Miracle or Unethical Infiltration of Personal Privacy? discusses the implications of others having access and the control of the body movements of others. There is the potential for the technologies of mind reading microchips (Rigg, 2013), microchip self-controlled and enhanced body function (McDowell, 2013), and “human-to-human brain interface”(Zolfagharifard, 2013) to be combined in the not-so-distant future. If this happens, it would open a plethora of ethical and privacy concerns. Back in August when E. Zolfagharifard reported the findings of Rajesh Rao and Andrea Stocco as cited in my blog, these two researchers discovered this experimental “mind control” technology and indicated that we were far from being able to read the thoughts of others. Can it be that Rao and Stucco were mistaken in light of these new developments? The premise of living in a society of ‘super-beings’ opens the door to endless possibilities and could potentially eliminate the need for extensive medical or intermediary hospice care since many ailments can be remedied through “re-circuiting” neurological impulses through a seeded microchip. This raises the question if society is capable of handling such advances. If so, how can we deter others from hacking into these technological devices? As of today, the available technology allows us to go into an establishment with our smartphones, be tracked and influenced on our buying habits by those same establishments. This occurrence transpires without ever sending a message to anyone or informing our intent of where we are going or what we are doing. So, if we are so easily tracked now through our Smartphones, what is to stop anyone from tracking and influencing our actions, let alone our purchasing habits with seeded devices? Does this mean that someone with diabolical intentions can control our minds by infiltrating our thoughts, persuading us to purchase a weapon, or even kill? Is this technology a godsend or is “Big Brother” overstepping boundaries with yet another tool to monitor and control our actions?

What are your thoughts?


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