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US Economic Impact on a Global Environment – Analysis of HSBC Global Connections

The March 4, 2015 HSBC article, titled “Trends to Watch for Business – HSBC Global Connections,” raises the question if a strong US dollar poses a positive impact on the global economy. Although consumer confidence in the United States has seen an increase in spending, other sectors, including local, international, and small businesses abroad tend […]

The Global Implications of the Alleged Gemalto Hack

The February 20, 2015 article in the Technology Section of the Wall Street Journal titled Digital-Security Firm Gemalto Probes Alleged U.S., U.K. Hack raises questions regarding the safety of the global community from alleged hacking. These global, national, personal, political, and economic security concerns are precipitating a “moral climate” of mistrust “marked by a push […]